news / A new family of health conscious products redefines taste.
Harmonian was established in June 2013 with the aim to bring a new understanding of ‘health AND tasty conscious’ food to the market. Founded by people who have researched extensively a number of natural food sources in Greece and invested on their potential, Harmonian focuses on food principles rather than products:

* pure, unprocessed, organic materials
* thoroughly controlled and carefully tested production
* healthy and environment conscious packaging of distinctive design

The line developed by the company so far includes:

* Spaghetti (whole and refined wheat) as well as flour (whole wheat and refined velvet white), made from Triticum Dicoccum grains, a unique, cultivated since antiquity type of einkorn wheat. Described in the Old Testament as Zea and described by Homer as one of the most precious crops of the hellenic land, these grains are rich in vitamins, high in fiber and magnesium and low in gluten. In the case of spaghetti a traditional bronze-die extrusion technique and slow drying preserves flavor and creates the ideal texture.

* Extra virgin olive oil of the finest, sunbathed Greek cultivars. A distinct sil- ver packaging carries the robust “Athinolia” variety of olive fruit. A product of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) it is distinguished by a memorable peppery taste edge, a unique green-golden color and very low acidity. An elegant white - bottle packaging carries the fine oil of the “Koroneiki” olive variety, produced in the land of Messenia, at the southwestern end of Peloponnese in Greece, as a Product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

* Harmonian has already developed a series of the purest healing brews and condiments, using hand picked wild crafted herbs such as oregano, melissa officinalis, mentha and mountain tea. Fleur de sel of unique sea provenance and limited availability will very soon join the whole family of products.

Packaging design has been approached with the same care and introduces in the most definitive way this radical line of food products. It conveys the dual nature of the valuable Triticum Dicoccum seeds as well the harmony and balance, the mathematical perfection of the spindle shape, which these seeds recall.

Harmonian is a brand that addresses 21st century palates and respects inquisitive individuals and casual gourmands. Its aim is to encourage a “regain your health” attitude with no compromises in taste and pleasure. Harmonian products will be available through well informed delicatessen stores as well as on line.

Through systematic communication with clients and good food aficionados Harmonian wishes to develop a network of individuals who simply opt for exclusive care and a harmonious life status.

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